Recruitment Process Outsourcing

For most companies, recruiting(RPO) is not a core competency. Yet, every company must be able to effectively reach to outer world to access the talent it needs – including direct hire and contingent labor – to grow their business and serve their customers.Kash info Solutions offers highly-customized recruiting solutions through a flexible and versatile engagement model, including:

  • Global RPO:Global recruiting perform deployed and managed across native markets during a totally integrated accomplishment method outsourcing program together with direct hire and contingent labor.
  • Enterprise RPO: Full lifecycle recruiting solution that may be deployed on end-to-end, front-end or back-end solely basis, across your enterprise or inside chosen departments or locations.
  • Project based mostly RPO: End-to-end recruiting solution deployed for a selected mission-critical initiative.
  • Co-Sourcing RPO: Sourcing-specific solution deployed in conjunction with the consumer recruiting team.

Our 24/7 RPO service delivery model drives time value|and price|and value out of the recruiting method (as very much like 15-60% cost reduction), providing the corporate with quicker time-to-hire and best-fit talent.

With the saving of time and money it will also improve the process get the talent we need,

For a more consultative, flexible approach to managing your hiring needs across the globe, contact kash info solutions.

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